Photos of Mayfair Activities
47 Group.jpg

Holy Thursday

813 March BDs, An.jpg

March Birthdays, Anniversaries

804 Billy singing.jpg


Children's Time.jpg

Children's Moment

164 Birthdays.jpg

Feb. Birthdays, Anniversaries

647 Combo.jpg

Mayfair Musicians

Wed. Club.jpg

Wed. Club

12-18 Carolers.jpg


 Charlotte's pic

Kids present "The Grinch"

367 Wed. Club-Haggin.jpg

Wed. Club at the Haggin

2190 merged.jpg

Dec. Birthdays/Anniversaries


Volunteering at EFB

799 Communion.jpg

Communion Time


2016 Crab Feed

823 Kids.jpg

Puppet for Children's Moment

587-588 BDs merged.jpg

Oct. Birthdays, Anniversaries

536 Mission Possible.jpg

Capital Campaign Kickoff

526 Crowd.jpg

Praise in the Park

499 Landscaping.jpg


IMG_0995 1.jpg

The Great Race

Day Camp 3.JPG

Day Campers

Reporting on Trip.jpg

Reporting on Mexico Mission

401 Camp Reports.jpg

Reporting on Camp

Abby Annointed.jpg

Children Dedicated

446 Group.jpg

Time Out Life Group

Nels etc.jpg

Chapman Grads

2-22-16 Sip and Paint.jpg

Sip and Paint

Homeless Shelter.jpg

Volunteering at Homeless Shelter

804 Billy singing.jpg

804 Billy singing.jpg


The Great Race

Elder Emeritus-Becky.jpg

Elder Emeritus Recognized

278 New Elders.jpg

Ordination of Elders

207 New Members.jpg

New Members Welcomed


Snow Day

601 Norrie Preaching.jpg

Pastor Norrie

27 Kids.jpg

Children's Moment

864 Alisa's Family.jpg

Dedication of Alisa

840 Choir.jpg

Christmas Cantata

11-16-15 Sip n Paint group.jpg

Sip and Paint Life Group

652 Shower.jpg

Baby Shower for Thompsons

0074 Crab Feed.jpg

2015 Crab Feed


Youth at Pirate's Lair


Volunteering at St. Mary's Dining Hall

Dixieland Jazz